Saturday, January 15, 2011

What is SOAP?

Our Pastor from our church  taught us the SOAP method a few years ago and while I wasn’t disciplined in implementing it daily, I will say that last year I read more of the Bible and studied more than probably what I’ve been able to accomplish my whole life.  My journal is a couple years old and it’s amazing to look back and see my growth.
I love SOAP’ing (could use the real thing a little more often though LOL) and it has really developed me into a simple Bible study habit.  I’ve already started posting some of my SOAPs for the year but I figured I would elaborate more on what it is.
Today while reading my Google blog feeds, I was excited to see that there’s a website already dedicated in explaining what SOAP is and how to go about implementing it in your own Bible Study so I will go ahead and provide the link for you to check it out!


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