Monday, January 10, 2011

Ahhh the first day back at homeschooling!

Today was officially our first day back on.  It was a sort of uphill battle but we did it!  Lil Dude was especially enthusiastic and elated to get back to homeschooling.  Lil G was too but it seems that when it came to writing that was the hard part.  I decided enough was enough and began researching about this.  I don’t think Lil G really doesn’t want to write, I think something else can be wrong.  Whatever the case may be, I decided to seek professional help.  I researched a few articles (ok, maybe more than 3 hours worth) and realized that the assistance of an occupational therapist may be the solution.  Hours later, I am on the phone with one who tells me she can help by assessing Lil G and coming up with tutoring sessions which will include training so that I can continue the work with him.
I’ll be talking with my sweetie about this tonight for sure!
We worked from 9 am until 3 pm today non-stop!  It was pretty intense but the boys had a good attitude about it and we relaxed by snuggling on the couch and watched a classic movie…The Never Ending Story.

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