Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guitar, Karate, and Baseball…. Oh my!

Seriously, what’s the deal anyway? Every spring I get a sort of an extra-curricular activities fever.  We don’t normally enroll in sports in the summer or winter but every spring we get involved in some a lot of things.
  • We just had guitar class today and the boys rocked!  I am so proud of them!  They learned their G, D, and E minor chords.  Lil G learned how to play “Open the Eyes of My Heart” while Lil Dude requested to learn, “I Won’t Back Down.”  Go figure! I can imagine him singing, “No I won’t back down… You can stand me up at the gates of h#@l but I won’t back down…” LOL
  • Lil Dude will start his karate class this week.
  • Lil G will start up baseball next month.
We are still in Cub Scouts and have quite a few field trips on our calendar so I know the days of just lounging around in our PJs doing school all day will be long gone.  I really enjoy the busyness of the hectic schedule (until about midway through when I wonder what I had gotten myself into).  Then summer comes around and while we won’t be out and about often, we’ll be schooling through the summer Smile.

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