Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Man oh man was this G-double-oh-D good! Had to take a pic and wanted to notate my changes from this original recipe.
1.Instead of the Pace picante sauce I substituted my all time favorite Southwestern Salsa from Safeway.  Seriously, that stuff is good!
2.Rather than corn tortillas within the soup I added crispy tortilla chips instead.  OMG. Have plenty extra!
3.Add freshly sliced jalapeƱo peppers for mom and dad.  The boys gobbled it up without the jalapeƱos of course!
4. Put sour cream in a zip lock back (ghetto piping bag) and top with sour cream.  The boys had smiley faces on theirs Smile.
This was so super easy that it will have to be included in my recipe rotation.  There is no reason to eat out when we can have something this good and so delish!

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