Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A homeschool day without a tear?

As I reflect on this first week back at “school,” there is a recurring theme. We seem to have so many tears!  Lil G cried on Monday, Lil Dude cried on Tuesday and I told them at this rate, Mom will definitely cry on Wednesday (it made them giggle at the thought of it).  Also to set the record straight, I didn’t shed a tear today though Lil Dude did a little.
I knew that after having a month and a half off it would be an uphill battle.  We work on a calendar schedule and though I love having part of November and December off, I sometimes wonder if it is really worth it?  I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate with all the joys of our traditions on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.  And, since our summers are so hot that we don’t dare venture outside unless we absolutely HAVE to, it makes sense to continue our schooling.
Either way, homeschooling is definitely not easy.
  Don’t let anyone tell you different Smile.

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