Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What my man wants…

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This week in the Be My Valentine Marriage challenge, Courtney asks, “Do you know what your husband wants? Ask him!”
It’s kind of funny how difficult it was to ask my sweetie this. I tried multiple times in different ways to ask this.
Me: Baby, what do you want?
Sweetie: Huh? What do you mean what do I want?
Me: Well, like… what is it I can do to make you feel loved?
Sweetie: Oh you know what I want!
Me: No really, baby is there anything else I can do?
Sweetie: Hmmm… let me think about that
Ok, so this is going to take some extra thought on my part. I know there is something that my sweetie has been dying for but I haven’t gotten around to doing that for quite awhile…

Gasp! NO! Not that silly reader! There is no problem in that area, thank you very much! Where is your mind at?!

It’s actually Vietnamese Spring Rolls.

Have you ever had those before?  They are amazing! The thing is, I KNOW how to make them. In fact, my sweetie says they are the BEST he has ever had! Here’s the problem. It literally takes hours to make.  Not the kind of hours where you cook something, throw all the ingredients in a big pot and let simmer and all you have to do is check often to stir once in awhile. Hours as in the hands-on prep time takes hours. Especially since those darn delicate rice papers always seem to rip the first ten times I start rolling them together.

Now, I’m a good Christian girl and you won’t hear me saying bad words.  But making Vietnamese Spring Rolls can probably even make Mel Gibson cringe (I don’t know why he came to mind when I thought about someone who says bad words. I guess his ranting on the news stuck to my head).  I’ll have to make a note to put ear plugs on the boys as I make these. Yikes!

It also takes more than $20 to spend in all the ingredients. Now that’s not a very frugal dinner is it? It’s only an appetizer so I’d have to make something to go along with that! 
At our local Vietnamese Restaurant, a batch of 3 spring rolls cost $3.50.  Oh, and did I mention they take about 5 minutes to order them? 

So you see why I don’t like making them? Oh, I know what you are thinking. Buy the Vietnamese restaurant ones and then put them on a platter and pretend like I made ‘em.  That’s not going to work.  My sweetie knows my spring rolls.  And according to him, there ain’t nothing like mine.

A challenge is a challenge. And I wanna make my man happy and feel oh so loved! He will literally faint when he walks in and smells the aroma of the Spring Rolls.  I’ve done everything else, and why not make this Valentine’s super special for him? Vietnamese Spring Rolls, here I come!

Pictures and update to follow…

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  1. When I asked my hubby he said I want you LOL So I had to be specific, what do you want for dinner... too funny!!

    I love your idea, and they sound TOO GOOD!!!!!!