Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Recap: Birthday Party Weekend!

It was a big hit this weekend with Lil G’s Birthday Party.  He wanted a video game theme so this is what we came up with:
DSCF6381An Xbox controller piñata…
DSCF6438Birthday cake that looks like the original Nintendo controller…
DSCF6466After the games and cake we came outside to show Lil G his surprise…
DSCF6469A Game Truck for Lil G, Lil Dude and all his friends! There were close to 20 kids inside the truck playing at ONE TIME!  Amazing!
DSCF6480Lil G was one happy birthday boy!
We love making birthday parties very special for our boys.  One of our sayings is, “We asked God for them, they didn’t ask for us.”  We are so blessed and thankful to have these beautiful boys that God has trusted in our care while on earth. We want more than anything in the world for them to feel special! With that being said, our boys are very humble and always is so gracious and thankful for what we do for them which is why we so carefully plan and budget for their birthdays!
I hope you had a great weekend tooSmile
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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