Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chore Chart System

Has this ever happened to you?  Did you ever buy something that was a huge must-have for your homeschool room and to find that you can’t quite find a way to make good use of it? 
Meet my “I Absolutely Must Have THIS Pocket Folder” system.
It’s been sadly hanging blank for a while now and it’s time to pretty this baby up!
I am thankful for all the inspirations I’ve found on the bloggy world.
Today I’m drooling over this chore chart system.  I love that all the printables are available for free and it looks so adorable!
The boys and I have lots of catching up to do after being sick this week.  If only I had a great chore system and the house wouldn’t be in the sad state of chaos it is in. But I don’t live in the world of “if only.”  I don’t look back! I look forward! So I am off to sit with the boys to come up with what our system will be and I’m ready to get started on implementing it.
Do you have a solid chore system? Is it easy to reinforce? How do you stay consistent and discipline with it?
Would love to hear from you!


  1. Haha I have def have had many MUST HAVE'S then never used them..grr! ;}

    I have jars for each child and when they do a chore or say their manners such as, yes mother, thank you, may I, ect they get a puff ball. when its filled they get a prize, such as pick out a cookie at the bakery, new markers, dollar store trip..

    Our chores can be different every day so I write what I would like them to do on our whiteboard. The puffballs make it exciting and starts a good habit!!

    I prob will blog about our system one day! chores are super important, builds charater!

    Great post today!!!!! :}

  2. We have tried a lot of different methods and I love what you have shared here. We're gonna give this a try. Our kids are 4&5 so this might be perfect! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to get started today! Thanks!

  3. Just an update. Our chore chart is up and running and working beautifully! Thanks!!!