Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Salt Writing


We’ve been working our way through the Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum and I noticed Lil Dude still having trouble on where to start his letters.  The HWT curriculum has a great CD with a song that reminds you to start your letters at the top and we sing that all the time.  But even though we sing it, point to the Happy Face on our door corner, and much more, Lil Dude always wants to start his letters at the bottom!

So, I decided to break away from writing on paper and go back to some preschool basics.  I brought out a cookie sheet and poured salt on there.  This was way fun.  To erase, you only have to shake the cookie sheet just a little.  It reminded me of the old school Etch a Sketch toys, only better!



Lil Dude had fun with the salt cookie sheet activity.  He even says he doesn’t remember doing this when he was smaller!

Which serves as my homeschool reminder for the week.  Just because my kiddos aren’t preschool aged anymore, it doesn’t mean that all those fun activities I did when they were smaller doesn’t apply anymore.  I can always bring back the basics when I need them!

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