Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chuletas… Mami Style

We call my grandma Mami and I think about her often. 
I had some pork chops in the freezer and I wanted to make some pork chops that I remembered my grandma would make when I was little. I remembered some of the basics, she had pork chops, a yummy gooey tomato sauce to go on top and some veggies.  Unfortunately, my ma doesn’t remember my grandma making this so I was on my own to try to recreate… and I am glad I did!  This came out delicious!
Ok, so I don’t have a fancy camera to take good food porn but this isn’t a food blog so I’m not too worried about it Smile.
Pork chops
Bag of frozen mixed vegetables
Salt, Garlic Powder, 1 packets from each of the Sazon boxes here (found in ethnic aisle of grocery store), and tomato sauce.
A jar of Sofrito is optional.  You can also find this in the ethnic section of the grocery store.  I like to add it in when I make Puerto Rican food.  I know fresh is better and there are a number of recipes out there on how to make this.  For now, I’m still trying to get comfy in the kitchen so when I can use premade stuff, I do!
First rinse off and pat dry the pork chops.  Then season with salt and garlic powder. My ma uses garlic salt but I didn’t have any!
Then fry the pork chops in the pan.
After nice and brown, put them on the plate and tent with a foil (a trick I learned from Rachael Ray).
Next, make the yummy sauce in the same pan that you just fried the pork chops in.  Add the tomatoes (chopped), tomato sauce, 1 packet from each of the sazon boxes, and a couple spoonful's of Sofrito.
Bring back the pork chops and let simmer with the sauce.
Start to pour out the bag of frozen veggies and realize that there are peas in them! Ack! I don’t remember peas being in my grandma’s pork chops so I decide to pick out every single one of them.
Then go ahead and them to the yummy pork chops simmering away.
Serve over white rice and use leftover throwaway plates from the party so that you won’t have anymore dishes to wash Smile with tongue out. Make sure to scoop up all the sauce!
The verdict… YUM!
And now, missing my grandma like crazy!

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