Thursday, February 17, 2011

Homeschool Frog Unit Study

This week the boys and I worked on a Frog and Toad Unit Study and it was a whole lotta fun!
We read:

and completed a study on Frogs with this fun activity book and Frog model:

Lil G and Lil Dude spent an hour putting this model of a Frog together…

Lil Dude also helped me make a map on the feelings of Toad throughout the stories.


And began to write about his favorite Frog and Toad story.


He mentions that he did not like the ending of the story called, “A swim” because the way his own friend laughed at him.  So he decided to tell me a new ending for the story in which Frog apologizes for laughing at Toad in his bathing suit and they begin to read a book together Smile.

Lil G worked on a booklet on Parts of a Frog to put in his lap book.

Lil Dude also did math addition problem with buttons that correlated with the story, “The Lost Button” from the frog and toad book.

Lastly, we watched videos about frogs in Arizona and learned more about a very special frog that is near and dear to my heart.  Which is called the Coqui.  This is a special Puerto Rican frog that can be heard throughout Puerto Rico.

A fun homeschool week for us!  We more than made up for being sick last week.  I think after the kind of week we had last week, we were anxious and ready to get back into our homeschool routine!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! It's really helpful to see what other families are doing and how you can use different resources for a unit.

  2. Long ago, I was in LOVE with Frog and Toad stories. Really wonderful concept of love and friendship. You've taken the teaching to a whole other level as well. Good for you!!