Monday, February 7, 2011

Still sick!

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 I ended up at the Urgent Care today. My mom called this morning and she knows when I’m trying to hide how really bad I feel. An excerpt of our morning convo:
Mom: Hi mija (“little one” in Spanish), how are you feeling?
Me: (short muffled) Fine
Mom: No really mija, what’s wrong?
Me: Nothing ma!
Mom: Ok, I can tell something’s up
Me: crying, oh ma, it’s my chest… it hurts! (cough, cough, cough)  It really hurts to talk Crying face
Mom: I knew it! You were hiding it. I can hear it. It sounds like asthma mija, or bronchitis or maybe even pneumonia, you need to see a doctor…
Me: crying, I don’t want to!
So there you have it. Stubborn me. How I hate to go to the doctor when it’s for me.  When it comes to our boys… no problem! In fact, I’ve been known to go to the doctor even three times in a week just to make sure the boys are doing fine.

While waiting for my sweetie to come home so that I can go to see the doctor, I started a little recipe search for some Vietnamese Pho.  When we’re sick, I don’t lean towards the traditional chicken soup… I WANT PHO! I grew up on Vietnamese food. So in my search I found THE best blog posting on how to make it!

OMG. I love it! I laughed so hard at this posting I had another cough attack.  Knowing full well I won’t be able to pull this off today, I bookmarked this to make in the future.

Turns out it isn't pneumonia or even bronchitis. It's an "upper respiratory infection" whatever that is. Anyhoo they gave me a breathing treatment, and a bunch of prescriptions to take. I should be well for this weekend's party, yay!


  1. So sorry that you aren't feeling well!!! Hope you are feeling better again soon. :(