Sunday, February 6, 2011

SOAP Sunday

Each Sunday, I pick out one of my SOAPs from the week and share.  If you are currently SOAP’ing I’d love for you to share your SOAP as well!

The Divine Mentor by Wayne Cordeiro outlines why daily devotion time is important. In chapter 5, he talks about how renown performers and world class athletes have a training regimen that they perform day in and day out. Even concert pianists will always play scales every single day. Why? Ignace Jan Paderewski a renowned Polish pianist explains,
“If I skip one day of scales, when I play in concert… I notice it. If I skip two days of scales, my coach will notice. And if I skip three days, the world will notice.”
In the same way, our daily devotion, our special time with God needs to be part of our daily regimen. When we miss one day, we notice. When we miss two days, our husband and kids notice, and when we miss three days, the world notices.

The SOAP method has truly helped me in growing spiritually.  Since I’ve started the SOAP method and the One Year Bible reading plan, I’ve read more from the Bible in one year than my entire lifetime! I’ll be honest, I still struggle with the discipline. But thank God for His grace! As I say daily, it’s progress not perfection!

Mark 14:38 Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.

Jesus was in deep distress and troubled with what was about to happen next.  After praying, He found that His disciples were snoring away. He had compassion for them and encouraged them to pray not for Him and what will happen but for themselves.

This scripture reminds me how important it is to also pray for myself. I find it extremely easy to pray for others and their needs but when it comes to myself, I don’t often remember to! It’s kind of like how we busily take care of our family and friends needs without much thought but forget to tend to our own.  I think it is in our nature as mamas. But I realize here how Jesus makes it a point to remind us that we need to pray that we don’t fall into temptation.

Father God, how frustrating it may have been to see the disciples falling asleep when it was extremely important for them to pray at that time. I know that I probably would have done the same exact thing and I am sorry for that. Even though it may have been frustrating you were so compassionate and caring!  Lord, today I pray that I don’t fall into temptation. My spirit is willing and though my body is weak (especially with this flu!), I lay this in your hands. Thank you Jesus for reminding me the importance to pray for myself.
In Jesus name, Amen.

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