Friday, May 1, 2009

RV Road Trip, Happy Birthday Daddy!

What an amazing Road Trip! For Daddy's Bday, we decided we'd rent an RV and take a drive. I was so psyched about this road trip since, 1 we never ever been camping before, and 2 we desperately needed a getaway!

A few highlights:

  1. We stayed our first night in Payson and had a drunk dude (so HILARIOUS!) show us how to hook up the camper. This picture on the right as when we stayed on lot 55 at the Payson Resort. To be honest, this wasn't a great stay. There was absolutely nothing to do there!

  2. The second day, we drove over to Christopher Creek and barbecued. That was a really neat experience, but it turned out we didn't even find the lake we were looking for!

  3. We drove over to Show Low and camped out at Fools Hollow Lake. OMG this place was AMAZING! There was a gorgeous lake, hook ups for the RV and plenty of firewood to make your own campfire. The picture below is right behind where our RV parked. Loads of fishing opportunity and beautiful hikes here. This is a must stay for the first time RVer who considers necessary for "Glamping" (as my friend Katrina called it) instead of Camping. You can also see in the picture below the fire pit where we had a campfire and roasted marshmallows the night before...

All in all, A+ for this vacation. I am so grateful for my sweetie and this birthday was a great of showing what he means to me!
I love you baby, and Happy Birthday!

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