Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy 9th Anniversary!

Amazing. 9 Years TODAY! As I reflect on these nine years of marriage, I think of how true it is that a Marriage takes Work, Patience, and a whole lotta Prayer! I can honestly say that what always kept me on check was that I always knew that my sweetie is the one I want to be with forever. Therefore, why in the world would I want us to be miserable? We do silly things like make fun of each other (in a nice way of course), crack jokes, squeeze each other's butt when no one else is looking... and so much more. Always making sure that it's the little things that count, like making sure to greet him at the door when he walks in (the boys and I run and hug him like he's been gone for weeks every single day he comes home) , he calls me daily for a lunch date to see how my day is going (even though sometimes my day is so hectic it seems like a chore), I always wake up early to prepare his clothes and make him coffee, breakfast and lunch before he leaves for work too (except when I am sick or the babies are sick of course, he always insists I stay in bed and sleep in)! This may all seem cheesy but I know it's what keeps our fire burning.

The mere fact that we have a passion for the same thing. Children. We have an strong desire to help children, to minister to them and to provide them the best education possible. We have lengthy conversations about our ministry, the who, the how, the when, and the why. There are so many hurting children out there. And we have that burning desire to make a difference together...

I love seeing "my man" grow. He is hotter, cuter, and so much wiser now... Toast to our Anniversary and the many, many years to come!

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