Friday, May 15, 2009

Breakfast for Dinner anyone?

Today was another 104 degree day here in the Valley of the Sun. Unfortunately our AC is not working properly as it did last year. Worse, we haven't been able to find someone who can accurately diagnose the problem! Please pray with me that we will find someone who can fix our AC before the weather gets close to the 115 to 119 range!

So I scratched off the idea of our Mexican fish dinner tonight. It entailed turning on the oven and that makes our house even more warm! So in a frantic, I didn't want to turn to fast food or restaurant (especially since I did already 3 times this week being sick and all *groan*), so we had breakfast for dinner tonight. We had eggs from the Bashas sale last week (.88 cents a dozen!), and made a couple fried eggs for me and my sweetie with toast, a slice of turkey bacon, and french toast with whole wheat bread for the boys. Such a light and easy dinner and no complaints at all! Knowing we have a busy weekend ahead of us, I knew we wouldn't be able to have a great sit down breakfast anyway (bagels on the run), so it was nice to have a sit down breakfast *ahem* dinner tonight!

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