Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wii Fit is so brutally honest...

Ok, so this is the big turning point for me. Yesterday I moped around because I jumped on the Wii fit and thought, maybe I will check on my weight. We don't own any scales in the house so I had no idea... I do know that I couldn't fit in my size 8 pants anymore and had to size up to a 10... yup... a 10. What's even crazier is my mom is a 10. She likes her pants booty tight though and she looks fantastic in them!

Anyhow, the Wii was cruel and so brutally honest. So it gave me the BMI and said... "Overweight." What!? What the heck?! Then I saw the line shot up the screen as I have gained a whopping 8 pounds within 30 days... whoa.

Sooo after many, many years of anti-diets and anti-exercise regimens it's time. It's time to face the music... turning 30 this year and my body has had enough with the donuts and brownies with ice cream for dessert. It said, "I am not going to allow this anymore..." So here goes nothing... I know making public announcements of your goals is the way to keep yourself accountable.

So from now on... I am officially going to eat healthier, (no donuts? ugh.), excercise more frequently (does running up the stairs chasing after Papi count?), and keep it on a budget (no buying any of those weight products from the infomercials, so sad).

In one month, it's time to weigh again... Is asking for my 8 pounds back realistic? Since I have no experience in diet in exercise I guess we will have to wait and see!

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