Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One Call Away


I just finished reading One Call Away by Brenda Warner and was so fascinated about the resiliency and faith she had throughout her life.  A few years ago my sweetie brought home a gift he received which was a book about Kurt Warner.  As I thumbed through the book, I loved learning about his passion for Christ, his family, and his career. That was when I truly became a die hard Cardinals fan, and I watched how his leadership brought the Cardinals to the Super Bowl.  After he retired, he was part of my favorite show, Dancing with the Stars. I remember  shaking my head and thought “How could any wife be ok with their husband dancing with a near naked woman like that?” You would  have to read the book, because I love how she explains her growth there.

I always say, “behind every good man, there is a great woman” and I knew that Brenda would have a story to go along with Kurt’s amazing story.  One Call Away details how Brenda answered every call, as devastating it may be (her son’s tragic injury, betrayal and divorce, and the passing of her parents) with a faith so profound that it made me question my own. Brenda writes this book in such a candid and transparent way, I felt that she was sitting down having coffee with me, telling her life story. While reading the book, there were times that I would laugh… throw my hand over my mouth in shock... and then cry.

I crave gleaning wisdom from Christian women who are quick to admit that they aren’t perfect, but that they are loved and learning from our Perfect Lord.  It was like Brenda was giving me words of wisdom through her book and I could learn from her experiences. Most importantly, I will always remember that when it seems things are spinning out of control…God is in control.  What stood out to me most is the difference from “needing a man” and “wanting a man.” As a domestic violence advocate, I have seen so many women who thought they “needed” a man in their life and therefore would withstand all sorts of abuse.  I pray that women everywhere can learn that difference.

Her chapters  “Giant Letdowns” and “Phoenix Rising” was healing for me personally.  I have gone through the pain of a miscarriage and it gave me sense of hope and trust that our God is a God of restoration. It may not seem like anything we had planned or even thought about, but our Lord will restore.  In His time, in His hour. I would just  need to surrender and Trust in Him so that my Lord can take over.

I give the book five stars. I really enjoyed Brenda Warner’s book and now will always be ready to answer God’s divine Calling at any time.

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