Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cutting corners whereever I can!

So I made a phone call to Cox cable/internet/phone to see what they can do. I am afraid to give up our DVR (I just love that thing!) but I figured there HAS to be somewhere in that bill where I can cut corners and find some $$. After much persistance they found that I don't even use their long distance enough to compensate for the Unlimited Long Distance and further, they charge a whopping $5 just for voicemail. Hey, isn't that what answering machines are for anyway? So I was able to lower my bill by $11.08 per month. Let's see, if I multiply that by 12, I've managed to get almost $133 MORE for next year! Hey, those pennies add up and well... now that's got me all pumped up to find myself some more money!

Woo HOO!

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