Wednesday, October 31, 2012

“Mom, I know…”


This year, I’ve seen my ten year old grow leaps and bounds.  I know that there will be times when our kiddos do that, but it seems like ten was a big year for us.  It started on Easter.  Every year, my sweetie and I decided we wouldn’t buy cheapie pre-made baskets for our kiddos and that we’d make our own. 

Our family is HUGE on family traditions so I’d make the baskets and set them outside our front door.  Believe me, our kiddos know the true reason to celebrate Easter and the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, however, it is fun to be able to provide them a gift on that wonderful day as well.  This picture was from 2010.



A week before Easter this year, my Lil G and I were running errands and he said in the car, “Mom, I know…”  To which I responded, “what?”  Then he dropped the bomb. “I know you’ve been the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy all this time.” 

My heart sank.  Is he mad at me?  Did he feel deceived?  I didn’t know what to expect.  I tried to hold back my tears but it just began to stream down my cheeks.

Softly he said, “I never wanted to tell you because I knew it was special to you and I didn’t want you to feel bad. I see why you do it and the hard work you put into our baskets and it’s special to me too.”

I pulled the car over and we hugged.  I told dad what an amazing child we had and how our very mature and amazing son handled it.  Over the summer as my sweetie and I reflected, we realized he didn’t mention Santa in his news.  Did that mean he still believed?  We decided to let it slide.  Perhaps we still have a little innocence of make believe in our ten year old baby after all!

Then… it happened again.

Pictures 12.21.2009 115

“Mom, I know…”  We were heading out to our special date night.  We are starting a new tradition of taking each one of our kiddos on a special date night to get to know each one individually better.  We wanted to make sure to invest one and one time with each of our blessings and my hubby had Lil Dude and it was my turn with Lil G.  “Mom, I know Santa is Daddy.”  “How long have you known?” I responded.  “Over a year.” 

Wow.  That night as we sipped up our Jamba Juice we laughed and giggled over our new little secret.  Lil Dude still believes and Lil G wanted to still have some time enjoying knowing something Lil Dude didn’t. 

Then I recalled Lil G insisting that we go for another ride on the Polar Express this year.  We’ve gone every year since he was 3, but I thought this year we’d skip it (we traveled so much this year, I figured we could bypass it).  However, Lil G insisted we go even if it was on a weeknight and wouldn’t be able to stay the weekend.  I wondered why he insisted since he already knew Santa wasn’t real?  To which he responded, “Mom, it’s a tradition.  It’s OUR tradition and that’s what our family is about.”

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