Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When an exciting Family Joy opportunity goes WRONG…

On Saturday, we spent time as a family cleaning up the house and organizing.  The boys worked so hard! So my sweetie and I decided we would pull an awesome prank/reward on them for a great family memory.  I got the idea from the book Building Family Ties with Faith, Love, and Laughter in which I reviewed here.  Here is an excerpt of the book:

“If you have young kids, some of your spontaneous activities will not require much advance planning. Take advantage of that luxury now! Come bedtime, say, ‘Get your PJs on and meet me at the car. We’re going to the drive-through at Krispy Kreme doughnuts.’”

So at about 9pm we helped the boys get ready for bed:

    • Bath/Brush Teeth
    • Pajamas
    • Tucked them in to bed and prayed our bedtime prayer

After that, we were SUPPOSED to just close the door and then open it back up again immediately and yell “Surprise, we are going out for ICE CREAM!”  That was the PLAN.  But somehow, my dear husband didn’t understand the implications of his stalling.  Just when I was about to open the door back up again, he said, “hold on, let me put my shoes on” in which he casually went to get his shoes. THEN he went to throw some thing away.  THEN he wanted to put a different shirt on because we were heading out.  THEN he went to grab a quick drink of water.  Wha?!  I’m standing at the door thinking, Oh my gosh my sweetie is taking sooo long!  I want to do the surprise now!  FINALLY he was ready.  It seemed like only minutes but apparently they were crucial minutes.

I count to three silently and we open the door and yelled, “SURPISE we are going to get some ICE CREAM!”

I looked at what I thought would be giggling excited faces… to find that my two boys screaming in a panic and TERRIFIED!  I wish I could have recorded this. Lil G screamed so hard he started crying.  Lil Dude thought he was getting ROBBED (so he says).  Lil G turned ghost white. They trembling and were shaking.

Oh My Gosh. I messed up.  They apparently were so tired, they were already drifting off when my dear husband decided to stall.  I ran over to hug Lil Dude while my sweetie hugged Lil G. We explained what we were up to.  We wanted to surprise them and take them out for ice cream.  Then we finally got the giggles.  Then Lil Dude said, MOM!  You are CRAZY!

We laughed and got our shoes on and went to get ColdStone.  The boys giggled the whole way there.  I can’t stop laughing. I keep laughing while I am writing this post.  They forgave us and now it’s one of their favorite stories about their crazy mama and daddy.

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